Monday, April 2, 2012

I've Got Mad Love: Liar Liar Pants on Fire

When last we left Past Holly and Past Caleb, I had just lied to Caleb.

I freaked out when Caleb used (what I thought was) a pointed tone to respond to my friendly email. So, I told him an untruth.

Growing up, I had a friend named Caleb Miskin who also went to Brigham Young University. In this lie, I pretended that I went to the BYU student directory to find Caleb Miskin's address and stumbled upon this other Caleb's information.

The reality of things was that I searched for the Biology Caleb because I thought he was a cool dude. But Biology Caleb didn't find that out until he was already Husband Caleb. Funny how things like that work.

A few hours later, I received an email entitled "Reason":

Okay, two things you should notice:

A) He signed his full name, like it was a business email. Nerd alert.

And B) The quotation at the bottom was even cheesier than the one in the email before that.

I responded right away, saying:

I was super excited at being asked out! You might not guess it, from my winning personality and amazing hair, but I wasn't often pursued romantically. I went on a lot of dates and kissed a lot of boys because I am not afraid to go after what I want, a.k.a. I don't subscribe to the notion that "boys should ask girls out, not the other way around."

I was hoping that Caleb would respond quickly so that we could go out and have a good time. He did email back right away, and in perfect Caleb style:

The specificity of those plans is astounding, am I right?

And don't even bother trying to call those phone numbers. They are ultra defunct.

Anyway, I agreed and we tried to work around our weekend plans to get together. We were going to go to dinner and go mini golfing, but we didn't.

We didn't go that weekend.

The next portion of the story is where I look like a really terrible person. Because, I was.

I was dating another guy.

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