Monday, April 23, 2012

Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

Thanks for taking the journey of the Week of W(h)it with me. There may be some more stories trickling in from the far corners of the Earth every now and again, but we're going to be heading back to the usual Flanagan shenanigans & encouragement around here.

Whitney is obviously an important person in my life, and seeing people reach out to me to participate in the Week of W(h)it was amazing—Whit is an important person in a lot of people's lives!

The last weekend was also something important to me, because my brother-in-law Corbin graduated from Brigham Young University; that means my family came up to Utah to spend some quality time with the graduate. Luckily, Corbin also shared the visit, meaning that Jacko got to see his BFF cousin Jett.

Jett and Jacko were born two weeks apart, but couldn't be more different—Jacko's all about physicality and Jett is a thinking man. I have been looking forward to this reunion specifically because we haven't seen Jett since he was diagnosed with Asperger's, a form of high-functioning Autism.

A main symptom of Asperger's is a child's disinterest in playing with other children, but when he's with Jacko, Jett could not be more willing to play. Jett's family returned to California today; the boys' goodbyes were tearful and their withdrawal is immense. Having a similarly-aged cousin who you wish to spend every second with is one of the coolest things ever.

There was a lot of talk this weekend about living next door to each other, just so the boys could spend every waking moment together. If only....

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