Saturday, March 10, 2012

Time Machine: January 30th, 2004

Much love to my patron saint of blogging Angelina Mia for the idea of pulling an old blog post into the future.

At the time of this blog post from my first blog Burst My Bubble, I was living in Provo and "going" to Brigham Young Universitya.k.a. skipping a lot of class. I have edited this piece below to only add capitalization. Enjoy this blast from the past.

Friendship Bling
Let us venture into the hypothetical. The unrealistic. Understanding nothing and reaching for everything, I boldly go forth to where no Holly has been before; at least, not this Holly.

Salt Lake City is a buzz for the not-so-ordinary tourist; enough parochial goodness to last a weekend or a full day. But we're in the fantasy land. So, what of the dark, dashing type who wouldn't simply need a walk around downtown and a burger? Since we're here, how about being cousins/classmates/producers/presidential candidates? Go grab the Hindu garb/Bermuda shorts/velveteen lapels/Yankees caps. The locals know where to go. But the easiest guise to hide under is none other than the one that requires a trip to Wally's World/ice cream/the finest electric razor in town. I'm pumping iron for that struggle. Hypothetically.

Internationally known superstar Miss Holly is looking and smelling like a million bucks. Letting her thoughts wander to the "what ifs" and the "wouldn't it be nices." 'Cause last night she was told again that she is hot. And y'all know what that word means to her. It means she's putting on her roller blades and jetting over to the nearest vendor. Sold. To the handsome young man with the dark hair. Cha-ching.

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