Sunday, February 12, 2012

I've Got Mad Love: Two English Majors Talking Biology

When last we met for "I've Got Mad Love," I was about to chat up Caleb in order to make fun of him. You know, like you do. I thought I was pretty bad-A.


The Biology poster project split up our class into groups of three, and of course, Megan and I ended up in the same group; we decided to study the causes and effects of Osteoporosis since it affects women more than it does men. Our poster was awesome and our information was accurate—we got an A, and it wasn't just for effort.

The posters were all set up in the garden court of the Wilkinson student center, because each member of the group had to present the information to the T.A. I accompanied Megan during the first hour of the presentation—my presentation time was the second hour, and I was trying to avoid studying since it was about to be finals week. We visited the student center's Jamba Juice between our presentation times and chatted about how boring it all had been.

When what to my wondering eyes should appear that Loud-Talking Boy walking into the garden court. I slurped up the last of my smoothie and exclaimed to Megan, "I am going to chat up that kid and get some really funny stuff to laugh about later—we won't get to see him again since it's the last day of class!" Megan laughed and I went to set up my presentation.

And as fate would have it, my poster had been set up RIGHT NEXT TO THAT KID.

I got my major flirt on. All I remember was that I was extremely charming, engagingly inquisitive, and laughing on the inside because this guy was so funny. My memory isn't too specific when it comes to details.

Here's what Caleb remembers (paraphrased in my own words because he's sleeping as I type this): Caleb was chatting with me and he thought, "This girl is cute. I should ask her what her name is." The longer we chatted, the more he had that thought. Eventually, that thought evolved into, "This girl is cute. I should ask her what her name is, and if she'd like to go to dinner sometime." And he did neither of those things, for the record.

Anyway, when our hour was up, he and I exited the student center together. I wished him luck on his finals and we went our separate ways. Both of us walked home—I slowly came to terms with the fact that the kid (whose name I found out was Caleb) was actually pretty cool and Caleb kicked himself for not even finding out my name, let alone asking me on a date.

You know, as you do.

This moment is the precursor to the sitcom-type mix-ups that only come with young love. So, hold on to your hats and glasses, because this here's the wildest ride in the wilderness.

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  1. This is AWESOME. I can barely remember that day, but I remember laughing about you going to talk to him. So funny! :)