Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Few Reasons Why I Love You

You guys know me. You get me.

When Caleb and I first started dating, he did not get me.

He did, however, try really hard to do what he thought I would like. He lavished me with fancy dates and delicious treats, he spoke to me with meek kindness, and he got his Lovey Dovey on.

I am not a fan of Lovey Dovey. But you guys already knew that. Like I said, you and I just get it.

For our first Valentine's Day together, Caleb put together a small jar of reasons why he loves me. Because we had only been dating for a few months by then, many of the things radiate the newness of our relationship. I have kept this love token for six years now, and I pull it out sometimes to roll around in that feeling of dizzying love.

You can see he printed out small slips of paper, numbered them (nerd alert!), and cut them out individually. There are something like 75 reasons why he loves me, though I hope that I have given him well over one hundred reasons by now. 25 isn't too much for the last five years, right?

The printed reasons range from sappy to practical. You can see in the foreground that he likes the way I cook, proving that the old adage still has some reality sticking to it. And in the background? I will let you decide if that's old-school romance or fiery hot passion talking.

Valentine's Day now means scoring a babysitter for the night before (seeing The Vow was simultaneously the best and worst thing I've done in awhile), as well as waking up and telling our littlest Valentines that they can now open their red foiled candy. I also made sure to give Caleb some extra long kisses before he left for work.

I may not be into Lovey Dovey, but I am not a cold-hearted monster.

But you guys already knew that. Swoon.


  1. I can be a hopeless romantic at times, but I've never really been a fool for Valentine's Day. I much more prefer to scatter the love every day, but gifts like what Caleb gave you years ago is the perfect type of gift in my book. It's a gift that keeps on giving & can grow.

  2. I love Valentine's Day! Since Shawn and I are in different states today, I sent him home a few days ago with 28 pieces of paper that list things I STILL love about him. We have had 28 V-days together, and I thought it would keep him entertained on his long drive home. He liked it.