Friday, January 27, 2012

A Review of L&R's Better Blog Content Workbook

I was one of the big winners of the 2012 Lemon and Raspberry Blog Party. Each prize offered was better than the last, but I definitely had my eye on the Better Blog Content Workbook.

And look at that—I won!

A more in-depth companion to the free Better Blog Content workshop, the workbook focuses on helping you get the most out of your blogging. The workbook offers hard-hitting questions at the end of each of the 13 chapters—these are not included in the free workshop and couldn't be any more vital in getting the most out of each chapter.

I have amassed a list of the things I loved about it, plus a few things that I think might be a drawback for some people.

  • Pretty comprehensive for beginners and still informative for the more seasoned blogger.
  • Content is clear, though maybe not concise. There are a lot of words going on here.
  • Great blogging "prompts" without being too kitschy or obvious.
  • There are examples in each chapter from prominent and lesser-known blogs alike.
  • Focuses on original content/writing—I am such a big believer in this!
  • Not trying to sell anything additional to you.
  • Each chapter also ends with a list of helpful links related to the chapter's topic.

  • "Comprehensive" can also mean overwhelming—don't get this workbook unless you are serious about wanting to improve your blogging.
  • One point of view—if you aren't a writer or don't want your blog to be "that kind of blog," this may not be for you. If you want to recycle content from other places on the Internet or just put up pretty pictures, check out something else.
  • The fact that Amy Schubert isn't a blogging superstar may make you question her expertise; I personally like good advice no matter who it's from, but I understand the idea of "Big Advice from Big People."

Around this time last year, I purchased the Blog Love e-course from Elsie Larson (the mastermind behind A Beautiful Mess and one of my favorite crafters). At $32, Blog Love is more expensive than the Better Blog Content workbook; the 22% higher price could make a huge difference in your budget. I loved going through that course and I learned a lot. Below is a list of comparisons that could help you decide which product to purchase in bettering your blog.

Better Blog Content Workbook Compared to Blog Love e-course
  • The workbook is less expensive, but is also from a less "notable" author.
  • PDF versus website—the workbook is offered in PDF form, whereas the e-course is a private-access website.
  • Words versus graphics—Amy's workbook is all about the writing, giving you the best tips for blogging, but Elsie's e-course is conventionally prettier.
  • Each product has similar content. Which way you learn best (reading or visual aids) could determine which one is best for you.

The price of this workbook was perfect for me (free!), but I believe that the bang for your buck is incredible at the price. If one of your New Year's resolutions was to get your blog on in 2012, check out Amy Schubert's awesome Better Blog Content workbook.

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  1. I think that it's funny that, " If you want to recycle content from other places on the Internet or just put up pretty pictures, check out something else" is a con! Haha!!

    You're right, their styles are very different. I think what I like about Amy's work is that there are actionable steps I can take and things that feel more concrete than Elise's more inspirational unstructured the right word? Maybe not, but I sometimes feel like some of the things mentioned are not concrete enough for me..not to mention I got distracted by the fact the same photo was used 3 times on the blog...but that's neither here nor there...