Friday, December 9, 2011

These Are A Few of My Favorite Tees

I am neither the world's foremost fashionista, nor am I the premier fashion blogger du jour. But I can say that I am a t-shirt enthusiast. When I make an effort to get my style right, I choose statement tees to impress the masses. A girl's got to be comfortable.

My absolute favorite t-shirt is this Korean soccer shirt I got at the Salvation Army over 10 years ago. You can see that I have worn it more than once, thanks to the threadbare effect under the tag. I get several positive comments every time I wear it; this happened especially when I was going to BYU and people who had served LDS missions in South Korea would stop me enthusiastically. I will admit that I wore this shirt to a few parties to attract the male types.

...What? I like boys, okay?

Caleb and I were also Woot Shirt kids for awhile. I enjoyed seeing what the new design was for each day, but I shied away from the nerdier ones. The shirt below is super wrinkly, because I reserve it for my skinnier days so it's been awhile. Before Caleb and I had kids, I would wear this shirt to let Caleb know that I was ready for a date. I even wore this tee to the Kanye West Glow in the Dark concert—I'm sure Kanye appreciates a good graphic pun.

And for the days I am feeling especially flirty, I rock this translucent heart shirt with a tank underneath. I remember growing up and thinking that I couldn't wear pink with my strawberry-blonde hair; I overcame my fear and even ended up wearing a pink polo in my engagement photos! And while I am talking about overcoming fears, I appreciate the Target clearance rack, because it helps me feel like I actually can buy myself new clothes.

Do you have some favorite clothes?
Are they sentimental favorites? Sexy favorites?
Does anyone have favorites they can't part with, even though they should?

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  1. Speaking of T-shirts, I've been itching to design one that says, "I love animals, but I'm not IN LOVE with animals."

    Do you think people would go for it? I'd wear it everyday.