Saturday, December 10, 2011

Sister Musings

My sister Julie and I are close. In fact, all four of my sisters and I are close. As the oldest, I feel responsible for their well-being and their happiness; even now that we are all adults, I want to protect them at all costs. That's not really my job, though, now that we are adults. The adult thing is to act like an adult. Right?

Anyway, my job is to support my sisters in the good choices they make. Julie chose to have a baby, and I chose to support it—because a new nephew is always awesome to have! Today I threw her a baby shower; I kept everything nice and simple with some finger-knit garland and felty triangle garland, plus some delicious finger foods. Julie has gestational diabetes, so we kept it to one sweet treat: the always delicious frosted brownies.

Despite what some may say, I also have another family as well: my in-law family. I have four additional sisters thanks to my marriage, and I need to support them in their good decisions, too. For the most part, they are making good decisions. Some are even making great decisions! And when they don't make good decisions, you just have to love them anyway.

I am grateful to have a gaggle of sisters.

Do you have sisters you love?
Or do you have "sister friends" that support you?
Let's hear some fun sister stories!

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  1. I am IN LOVE with this photo.

    I have friends that are like sisters - but I have always been jealous of all the sisters you have.