Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Fire-Bellied Toads Are So Hot Right Now

My childhood was filled with fabulous pets—a springer spaniel doggie, an albino corn snake, fish, and a group of seven guinea pigs. Caleb's family isn't as keen on pets, but they did end up having a frog and a guinea pig. When Caleb and I combined into our own little family, I was hoping that we would lean more towards my childhood than his. We have had a few fish, which wasn't what I'd hoped for. But apartment living can mean that you don't always get what you want.

When my friend Teri offered her two fire-bellied toads up for adoption, I pounced on the chance. Frogs are tiny and fantastic! I knew Caleb would agree to it, and I was also pretty sure that Jack would be in hog heaven.

Welcome our new fire-bellied toads. We don't have names for these two little fellas yet, but for right now, we just call them "friendly friends." As in, "Hi, friendly friends" or "Good morning, friendly friends!"

And I was totally right—Jack cannot believe his luck. Lucy hasn't shown much interest in them, but Jack is more than making up for her in the enthusiasm arena. I'll admit, I kind of love them too.

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