Friday, December 2, 2011

Bed Love

I know I have already written about my trials in bed-sharing, namely that I have no room thanks to my snuggly husband, but I forgot to mention the most important thing:

My bed rocks.

Forget the Ikea duvet cover and the falling-apart quilt. Forget the bedside tables and the disparity of books on them.

You only have to remember one vital fact:

The Beautyrest Fantasy. The mattress of perfect dreams.

My husband and I inherited this bed from his grandfather; it had originally been purchased for Caleb's grandmother when she was bed-ridden in her final days. Since she died, the mattress had been rarely used in the guest room. Caleb's aunt and uncle towed it down from Colorado for us and changed our lives forever.

We have had this bed for almost five years, and I still say every night and morning, "I love this bed." It's appropriately cushy, perfectly springy, and plushly responsive to my every sleeping need. The bed is such a hit that many hangouts at my house have ended up with everyone lazing on the bed, chatting. I am so proud of this bed that I readily invite friends and family to sleep on it. When my sister-in-law Cymbre was staying at our house this summer, I implored her to take a nap on the bed. I urged her to enjoy the perfection of comfort, but she resisted. I finally asked her, "Just lay on it for 15 minutes, and if you don't like it, you can get up without any fuss from me."

She proceeded to take a glorious, restful nap.

I love being right.

Do you have a love affair with your bed?
Is there something in your house that you are constantly showing off to guests?

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  1. yes! i LOVE my bed. it doesn't have cute bedding or anything. but it's a king, which i love because i can stretch out. plus, it has the water bed tubes inside, as well as a feather mattress on top of that. so i feel like i'm sleeping on a cloud. i love going to be every night.