Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Amazing (Disappearing) Cheekbones

At this weight, I know I'm hiding my amazing cheekbones. I don't gain weight just to that end, but I understand that it's a side effect of how my body is right now. Luckily, when I smile, those cheekbones pop right out and say hello. And as a former teenager who had a favorite picture from a magazine because the model's cheekbones were just like hers, I can say that I appreciate what I have.

See? Cheekbones gone! You know, all of my body issues are yucky to deal with, but I have the preternatural ability to see the beauty behind them. Which reminds me, I like this song by Jason Mraz:


  1. let me tell you something. i have chipmunk cheeks, and i always will. i can weigh 85 pounds and my cheekbones will NEVER be prominent. i will always have a round head. no matter what.

  2. Just found you via Delirious Rhapsody.

    So happy to be following!