Thursday, October 20, 2011

When You're All Alone

Good ol' Kam from Campfire Chic is doing an October Giveaway. Her sponsors are giving away some pretty fly photos and art prints. To enter, one has to answer what they'd do with a whole week to themselves. Seems like a pretty easy question, right? I struggled to answer. All that kept flashing through my head were pictures.

See comedy with my girl Megan?

Get my Disneyland on?

Whisk away my husband and play root beer pong all the day long?

Or really just go away for a week all alone?

I believe I ended up choosing a little of each, making my house better for my family and exercising my body & wallet. But, the more I stare at that bottom picture, the more I wish I could do just Holly for a week.

What would you do for a week with unlimited money and no responsibility?


  1. With one week of no responsibility and unlimited money. Geez - what wouldn't I do?

    I would have a friend over and use her as slave labor to help me finish every last nesting project that comes to my mind. Baby bedding, curtains, furniture re-upholstering, thrift store scrounging for picture frames and end tables.

    I would get this nest fully feathered. And I would drink smoothies and do yoga every day.

  2. I would hire someone to finish our backyard and then send the kids outside to play while I painted, organized, and sewed. I would get a babysitter and go on a date with Paul every evening! I would sleep in and go for long runs every morning. I would spend a day shopping for clothes that fit and look nice.
    If it were a week without kids, I would catch up on sleep. I'd read as many books as I could handle. I'd try a new recipe every day. I'd snuggle with Paul and hold his hand every chance I got. I would sit somewhere quiet for a long time and just sit. Sounds silly, uh? Someday...Paul and I are planning a five year trip. We've never gone a trip, except for our honeymoon. Any suggestions?