Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Weird Habits, Vlog Style

I'm not sure why I thought everyone did it the same as I do. There's more than one way to skin a cat, but is there really more than one way to do this? Is it really just Holly being Holly?

I am a nose-rubbing freak.

How do you rub your nose?
Are there any habits you have that people say are weird?


  1. you are so cute! :) i don't usually rub my nose, i prefer to pick it! :-D


  2. This is freaking awesome. I have always loved the way you rub your nose! And it's true, I have noticed it, but not in a "What a freak!" way. I'm glad it's effective. :)

  3. I TOTALLY RUB MY NOSE THAT WAY!!! PEOPLE THINK I'M WEIRD TOO!! I think you are totally normal!
    do people really want my to touch my nose and then type on a public computer? ... NO!
    your nose rubbing is fine my me holly!
    you are awesome!
    ps this is trevor!