Wednesday, September 7, 2011

"Awww, That's Nice of Her"

For Lucy's half-birthday (which is a big deal around here), my mom sent up a bag full of girly treasures. One of the adorable presents in the bag was a Jessie the Cowgirl and Bullseye shirt that says "Can I get a yeehaw?!" As you can see in the photo above, it is being modeled by Jacko, not Lucy.

When Jack asked to wear it for jammies, I told him we'd have to ask Lucy since it was her shirt. We "asked" her, and she "said" yes. I told Jack that Lucy would let him wear the shirt, and Jack's response to Lucy's generosity was, "Awww, that's nice of her."

Having a talking kid is a singular experience for many reasons, but hearing myself being parroted by a little voice is the strangest for me. I say this because Jack's new response to anything nice or cool is, "Awww, that's nice." And he's never wrong--whatever he deems nice is usually quite nice. He has a knack for pegging niceness. But man, I am now self-conscious about calling anything nice, in case I start sounding like a broken record myself.

I say that phrase to him all the time! Because I am trying to instill a behavior of gratitude and appreciation in my kids, I often point out the kind acts of people or the beauty that surrounds us naturally. If he tells me that a friend shared with him? I say, "Awww, that's nice of her." If we appreciate the white, puffy clouds in the sky and start talking about how God made those for us to look at? I say, "Awww, isn't that nice of Heavenly Father to make beautiful things for us to see?" If a character on one of his favorite TV shows makes a good choice? I say, "Awww, what a nice thing he did."

Ultimately, I am grateful that Jack is such an observant boy and a super kid. I am also happy that he can rock cap sleeves like on that Jessie shirt. However, I am most thrilled by the fact that I can see evidence that proves I might be doing at least a few things right in parenting my kids.

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  1. You are super nice, so it makes sense that your adorable children would turn out so great. Way to go cultivating the gratitude around your house!

    Ellie's parroting includes equal bits of a sweet little "thank you" and "Dang-it!" screamed emphatically, usually while dinner is being made. You win some, you lose some.