Saturday, July 9, 2011

Jack's Half Birthday Extravaganza

I can admit that our family planning hasn't been spot-on. While the two products of our planning have been wonderful (I'm a lucky mom), the timing was ridiculous. Both of our children were born within 10 days of Christmas, meaning that for the rest of their lives they'll either feel gypped or mistakenly think that "Jingle Bells" is a birthday song.

To combat those from happening, Caleb and I have chosen to throw the kids half-birthday parties. They won't be big affairs, but they will be especially for birthdays only. No winter wonderland, no jolly elves, no figgy pudding. Jack's 2 1/2 year birthday party was a couple of weeks ago, and it was filled with friends and Lightning McQueen.

Jack was so excited to have so many of his friends come and play at the park with him. We chose this park because it's the only "shaky bridge" in the area; if you look out into the distance on the picture below, you'll be able to see the treacherous terrain of the shaky bridge in the playground. 

I am quite grateful to have so many good people support me and my kids. It takes a village, y'all. Especially a California hipster/mobster-filled village, which Julie is showing off below.

Lucy's half-birthday was also around the time of the party, but since she hasn't even had a full birthday yet, we made the festivities about Jack.

I am extremely nervous watching Jack interact with other kids. I get upset when they don't understand his garbled words and hate when kids don't include him, but I totally get it. Mostly I get upset at myself because I have never been a fan of watching and waiting for the growing up process--let's just become a 26-year-old like me already! My parents will attest that being a kid was not my strong suit. I am glad that Jack doesn't mind being a kid and rolls with the punches. He has chosen good friends, and I hope that continues in the future.

We played Red Light, Green Light for our party game. Most of the children had never played it, but everyone had fun. Jack even biffed it, but wanted to keep playing.

I meant to bring the party favor bag with me, but I forgot. So, I lead the kids on a wild goose chase over to the park pavillion; I chose several Hot Wheels toys to share with the party guests. 

And over the birthday cake, instead of singing "Happy Birthday," Jack wanted to sing "Popcorn Popping" from the LDS Children's Songbook. There are hand motions that accompany each phrase, and we all had a good time singing it. We also had a good time eating the "Cars" themed chocolate cake; Jack insisted on five candles, so we counted each candle as a six-month period of his life. 

And I just want to point out the cool leather belt that I thrifted!


  1. #1- You look totally HAWT! #2- I love that you played "Red Light Green Light!" You're a great mama!!!

  2. That's really fun! If I have kids around Christmas, I'll totally throw half-birthday parties for them too!