Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Update on my "26 Before 27" List

In preparation for 30 Days of Lists, I thought that I might go over my "26 Things to Do Before Turning 27" list. My half-birthday is at the end of September; I am hoping that I'm halfway done with the list, but I know me--I am a great starter, but a terrible finisher!

From this week's Postsecret collection.

26 Things Before 27
*Dye at least some of my hair a neon color
*See a therapist
*Eat at my favorite childhood restaurant, El Burrito -- I threw Weight Watchers to the curb and scarfed some chicken tacos and a bean & cheese burrito, and it was totally worth it.
*Run a 5k for real
*Go rock climbing
*Sponsor a blog to promote my own -- 30 Days of Lists: September, here I come! It is so fun to sponsor a project that I feel so passionately about.
*See five friends from high school and tell them how much they mean to me
*Throw a themed costume party
*Attend a function where I know absolutely no one and make a good friend -- I met a really adorable friend at the audition, and she turned out to live in my same apartment complex! We are having fun getting to know each other.
*Make another movie with my sisters
*Find an album to make visceral memories to (like the ones to "Late Registration")
*Sleep through the night -- for once! -- Sleep was achieved on our 5th anniversary celebration at Disneyland. I had forgotten what pure bliss it was.
*Submit a piece of pop culture writing for online publication
*Buy a ridiculously-priced wardrobe item for myself
*Ride a twisty roller coaster -- I rode several fast, twisty, tall roller coasters on Caleb's birthday. I won't say I loved it, but at least I conquered my fears.
*Create a regularly-scheduled blog challenge -- Though I know Love Me Tender Mondays aren't my most popular posts, I am loving documenting my collection. Booyah!
*Learn to French braid
*Take a class, any class -- I took an e-course about interior decorating from Rachel Denbow called Style Your Space and I learned so much about doing what I want on a budget.
*Speak French for a whole day
*Get acrylic nails and give Caleb a back scratch
*Do the batting cages
*Decorate one room in the house exactly how I want it, no matter the cost -- Doing the kids' room wasn't as costly as I thought, but I felt proud with how it turned out.
*Buy Adobe Photoshop Elements
*Go to the dentist, finally! -- Only three cavities after a 5-year dentist absence? I'll take it!
*Send five heartfelt letters to role models in my life
*Write some fan mail to actors/bloggers/entertainers I appreciate -- I have written to children's book authors, lifestyle bloggers, and people that I just out and out like. Being more appreciative has been incredibly rewarding in terms of karma.

Well, 10 out of 26 isn't quite halfway, but it is better than nothing. Setting goals has always been a huge motivator for me to continue bettering myself and my environment. And looking at the part of the list I haven't done, I think I might tackle some of the scarier or more difficult things coming up--sending sincere letters, seeking out old friends, and getting myself ready to run a 5k come to mind!

Do you have a list like mine? What have you done on it so far?
What do you wish you hadn't put on there in the first place? (Mine is Photoshop Elements--what was I thinking?)


  1. I do have a list just like this! It stares at me in the face right above my computer... I only have a few things checked off....

  2. Tip-- Batting cages BEFORE acrylic nails. :) And please invite me to both! I had a dream the other night that I got acrylic nails for free and I was in heaven-- I didn't even know I wanted them so bad!

  3. I love your list! And now I want to make one. Good thing I'm doing the 30 days of lists... I hope that's one of the lists we do, and if it isn't, I'mma do it anyway!