Saturday, July 23, 2011

Shows I am Digging: Volume One

Most of my free time lately has been spent drowning myself in TV on DVD. If the kids are taking naps, my Netflix Streaming is on. When I hang out with Caleb in the evenings, we are catching up on shows we missed when they originally aired. As I was assembling photos for this post, I realized that we are currently ensconced in ensemble-driven shows. And you know what? No shame in that--the more, the merrier.

Leverage on TNT has decided to put their TV show on during the one show we're currently watching live, which is Food Network Star on the Food Network. But just looking at that group of good-looking people makes me happy that we have been watching it on DVD so we can pause as often as we want. Swoon!

Cheers is a cherished television show from my childhood, and I am sharing the joy with Caleb. We are just finishing the first year of Kirstie Alley's appearance--she is the best! Even though her more recent entertainment stints have not been in my wheelhouse (like Fat Actress or even Dancing With the Stars), her physical comedy on Cheers boggles my mind.

We are in the back of the pack when it comes to watching The West Wing. But dang, are we loving it. I was so happy to see Dule Hill (who I know from Psych) in an adorable role as the President's personal aide and Bradley Whitford was my favorite part of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. Caleb decided that the most reasonable thing to do to temper our white-hot love for this show would be to watch a season at a time, separated by a season of other shows we're interested in.

After finishing all of the available Psych episodes on Netflix Streaming, I have decided to pick up Monk to fulfill my mystery-solving needs. Tony Shaloub's character on Wings was my favorite, though I think I was too young to really appreciate the whole cast for the smart humor they all served. I am almost through the first episode of Monk, and I am on the fence. Anyone out there love/hate Monk?

What are all of you watching these days? And trust me, I have been told on more than one occasion that my taste in TV sucks, so don't be shy in spilling about your reality TV/sappy soap opera lovin'!


  1. I can't wait for Psych to be back on--it has gotten me through some serious Seasonal Affective Disorder Winters in Utah. I owe most of my sanity during Dec 2009-March 2010 to Dule Hill and Tim Omundson.

  2. monk has never been my favorite USA show...i find that it instills an overwhelming desire to scream 'GET OVER IT' every time he does something OCD...

  3. I really like Monk, the first episode is different from most, they definitely tweaked things after the pilot. And currently I'm enjoying Star Trek:TNG because I'm a nerd.

  4. Oh I miss Psych. I never want it to end. In our house we stream fraggle rock, x-men evolution, the x-men, and the Avengers cartoons...daily.

  5. I love Leverage such a fun show!!! Pretty sure you both would like, "Eureka" on the ScyFy channel. My momma got me into it (you know my momma is a TV winner, too), and I AM HOOKED! And the best part-- all of the episodes are on watch instantly! I am anxiously waiting for the new season to start! And let's be honest, you can never go wrong starting with One Tree Hill, season one. :D DRAMA!

  6. Aww. I love Monk! Although I think it got better once Natalie became his aid--Sharona was just a little too rough around the edges for my taste.

    Right now I'm on a Reality Show kick. I've limited myself to just three shows this summer--So You Think You Can Dance, America's Got Talent (two shows I NEVER thought I'd get into!) and the VERY non-reality Drop Dead Diva, which I quite enjoy :) I think you'd like it--funny plotlines with awesome pop-culture guest stars!

  7. I watched the first season of Leverage and really liked it and then forgot about it after that. I could never get into Psych, but I love Monk. Although, I can't watch too many episodes in a row or I start to go crazy.

    Let's see... what shows am I watching now? Food Network Star, Pretty Little Liars (don't judge), Monk, White Collar, Royal Pains... I think that's it for right now. I try to multitask while I watch tv. Usually it involves prepping food for meals or processing food for food storage.