Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Random Game: Girls' Camp Clipboard 2001

Every summer of my teenage years, I spent a week at LDS church girls' camp. Some people thrived on the girly kumbaya-ness of it all, but I was surrounded by girls (if you count sisters as girls) the rest of the year and merely had some fun during the week. The main things I remember from my first year was that I was embarrassed about my fluffy hair and I started my period while I was there. My memories got better as I got older, with the crowning glory of getting corn rows during my last year. An ultra-white 18 year old with corn rows looks absolutely... amazing.

For my last two years at camp, I became a YCL (youth camp leader) and got to pair up with some awesome girls to help the tinier campers have memorable experiences. Each YCL got "camp names," which are nicknames that are assigned by the adult leaders for the sake of fun. My mom was part of the committee and became obsessed with naming me "Whistlin' Dixie." I wish that I could explain the origin of that idea, but your guess is as good as mine. My friend Megan (who has a sweet foodie blog!) talked my mom off that ledge and compromised to "Dixie Cup."

I can't say that I love it.

Am I disposable? Flimsy? Good for rinsing toothpaste out of your mouth?

At any rate, I ran with it and decorated my YCL clipboard to high heaven. I thought it might be fun to do a Seek & Spot with all of the fantastic things that Teenager Holly thought were cool. Care to play?

Grumpy sticker
Paul Walker picture
Megan and me with our Algebra teacher Mr. Simpson
Magic Mirror sticker
"Ouch" sticker
Mad Hatter & Mad Hare
Hugh Jackman picture
Frank Sinatra picture
Mickey Mouse sticker
Mr. Smee sticker
Marx Brothers picture
Iago sticker
Singin' in the Rain poster
Elvis Presley picture
Winnie the Pooh sticker
Timon sticker
Anaheim Mighty Ducks logo

Bing Crosby
"Guy Magnet" sticker
Dixie products
Peter Pan sticker
Gene Kelly picture
David Duchovny as Fox Mulder from The X-Files
Flounder sticker
Froot Loops credit card sticker
Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones
The LDS Redlands temple
Tom Cruise as Jerry Maguire
Groucho Marx picture
Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejuidice
Ariel from The Little Mermaid

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  1. Ours pretty much look the same. I LOVE THIS. And I still love Dixie Cup. You are cute, and handy to have around. :) HAHA! Oh, David Duchovny, why don't you love me?