Monday, July 18, 2011

Love Me Tender Monday: Elvis Presley Pop-up Card

After a day of sicko kids, a night of crafting, and a few carbs in between, I remembered that it's Monday!

I received this on my birthday from a dear friend while I was in high school. And MOM, STOP READING THIS PART: you guys, check out how tight Elvis' pants are. For a pop-up card, that is a bit scandalous!

And I am starting my Harry Potter movie marathon tonight. I have enjoyed seeing how lovely and tiny all of the kids are in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. Right now, I am at the part where the ogre is attacking the kids in the girls' bathroom--way to put your wand up the ogre's nose, Harry!


  1. I'm more concerned with the light blue bikini-wearing blonde at the top left -- I better not see any NAVEL!! jK

  2. my mom got me one of the singing cards that plays gloria estefan (sp?) 'feel the rhythm.' i've taped it onto the bathroom door so that whenever you shut the door it starts playing.

    it always makes me dance.

  3. Wow, his pants are super scandalous!! So glad to find a fellow HP fan. I looove those kiddies when they're so young.

  4. I so just started my marathon, albeit a very slow one! They really were small (and not as good at acting--did you notice how much Harry blinks in the first one, and how every comment of Hermione's starts with her mouth opening wide? Ron was by far my favorite!) in the first one.