Thursday, June 9, 2011

Random Insert: S'mores

You guys, I love s'mores. S'mores are more than the sum of their parts -- chocolate, graham cracker, and roasted marshmallows together are not only delicious, they are interactive with those who enjoy them. You want a s'more? You have to put that marshmallow on a stick (or get someone else to do it for you, which still includes some cajoling effort on your part) and you have to toast that stinker. Thinking about having s'mores all alone on a Friday night? Probably not, because s'mores are definitely a dessert to enjoy in groups. What is the fun of looking in a mirror and telling yourself that there's a smear of melted chocolate on your own cheek?

This week has been a tough week. Not only have we had to unpack and time-adjust the sleeping schedules from the California trip, but there has been a Chatfield family crisis that has arisen on which Caleb and I have taken the lead. We are glad to do it. We are grateful to those who have helped us take care of business. Things will probably resolve come next week, and the only reason I'm being cryptic is because that's the kind of thing you do with family business. If it were about me, I'd obviously be spewing detail-y details. Like, we are for sure NOT having another baby as of this month. Hurray! I'm dropping the weight watchers thing and starting the Fat Smash diet again tomorrow because I know that a half-cup of cookie dough ice cream is four points. Baby weight! We can't get our condo management company to come fix our air conditioner. Heat stroke! See? I'm great at over-sharing my own stuff.

Y'all, I am sitting here alone on my couch, wishing I had a s'more. And even with that craving, these cramps, and those family troubles, I am extremely satisfied with the blessings I enjoy every day.

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  1. "S'mores are more than the sum of their parts" You crack me up Holly. You always have a way with words :) I'ma have to look into this Smash Diet cuz ever since Weight Watchers changed their system I haven't been a fan.