Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I'm so Gangster, You're so Thug

Sometimes I circle and circle around the internet, trying to find something new to read. This happens at night, usually, as I have perused all of my daily website haunts throughout the day. When I was younger, this usually resulted in me picking up a good book and turning off the dial-up. But now, after having a child, I find that books are quite daunting to me.

My favorite cousin Cari let me borrow her Beatles biography on Sunday. I didn't realize how gargantuan it was until I plopped it into my lap on Monday evening. If I'm intimidated by the wonderful book written by my favorite contemporary author Pamela Ribon, which is substantially smaller than the tome about the boys from Liverpool, then I must be hiding under my bed at the sight of this book. You see, it's hard to focus on long projects knowing that at any moment, a cry could arise from the adjoining room and the reading flow you were cruising with must take a back seat. Again. I hope I'm not the only parent that thinks this.

If I could get more writing by the two people who I have linked above, then I wouldn't have to face my fears and touch eyes to paper. I love the internet.

(P.S. I still love books, too!)