Sunday, October 11, 2009

The World is Spinning and I Want to Know Why

I'm thinking a lot about words recently. I really like the sound of most of them.

Albuterol being one of them. Especially the "bu" part. Such are the thoughts of an armchair etymologist.


This weekend has been the orange-hued, soft-skinned, cool-breezed time that I thought would always be happening once we had a baby in our life. I can't stop looking at my baby and my husband like they are puffy cloud dreams, which is not always the case when they make my life a little more than hectic.

Caleb and I were able to have a double feature movie date on Saturday, thanks to Carlie. We went to see The Invention of Lying (better than I thought it would be, 7 out of 10) and 9 (infinitely scary with an anemic plot, 2 out of 10), but more importantly we got to put our brains on auto-pilot for 4 hours in a row. During more than a few moments during the date and afterward, I could have sworn that we were dating again; the excited butterfly feeling from our first days together were all up in my business.

And Jack has been more cuddly, fun, and downright urbane (in an infant way) than I have ever seen him. The more he's been able to showcase his personality, the more I have felt like his mommy. Beforehand, I've felt like he was on loan to me; not that I wasn't his caregiver, but that he was this precious spirit that I was given. I guess these last 10 months that I've been able to sully him up have really endeared him to me.

I don't want this weekend to end.


Though I have scored a big ol' 0% for two weeks in a row, I am finally feeling comfortable with the whole weight loss thing. I've now lost 15 pounds in 10 weeks, and I'm at my pre-babies weight (which is not necessarily the flag on top of the mountain that most women try to achieve). Let's be honest, it is still at an unhealthy level. It's a HUGE achievement, though. I am looking in the mirror and saying, "Daaaaang, I look alright." Just a couple of months ago, my pants weren't fitting because they were too tight - now they are really embarrassing me as they slide down to my knees when I walk. Embarrassing in a good way, though? Maybe? There is one more month to go for the Bunch of Losers group I formed, and I'm going for the gold.


Here are a few things I'm obsessed with lately:




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