Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lately You've Been All in My Brain

I've done some soul searching and come to a very important conclusion:

All boy guitar players are guilty until they prove themselves innocent.

I had not realized that I harbored quite deep feelings about guitar players of the male persuasion until I came upon one last night. He was a first-timer - I'd never met him and he had never been to my house. When he walked through my door holding a guitar case, I internally rolled my eyes, thinking:

I am not interested in your "girl-impressing" Coldplay renditions
or your quiet strumming as we all engage in conversation.
Can you even play at all?

Throughout the night, he was kind to my baby, respectful of my husband, and interesting to me. This boy overcame my initial impression of him. But you know he had to work.

P.S. He plays really well - a former music composition major.


 This summer has uncovered some pleasing things:
  • Jack has his father's skin, which means he gets a pleasant tan that never looks unnatural.
  • I am brave enough now to do something which I wasn't able to do 2 years ago.
  • The season for Jack's obsession with the song "Poker Face" has finally passed.
  • We have finally decided that anywhere we live is home.
  • I am the most professional blister healer that has roamed the face of the earth. 


I have been rediscovering our movies recently, and how delicious is The Emperor's New Groove?


  1. One of my favs...gerald got it for me for my 20th it but I really wanted a

  2. I'm glad you liked Corbin. I was a little nervous for him to come over seeing as he can be (pardon my English) a real jerk sometimes. But he's fun!