Saturday, June 20, 2009


I know I'll forget these things if I don't write them down, so bear with me! :)

Jack has become a pro crawler; since coming down to Redlands at the end of May (when he was doing "the stink bug"), he has developed from slowly crawling to rushing from point A to point B and then pulling himself up to standing. It's only been 3 weeks! He has since decided that the best friends he's ever had are the legs of the coffee table and the "fort" underneath the piano bench. He's gotten himself stuck underneath those two pieces of furniture more times in the recent weeks than I can count.

He has also developed a very deep love for his grandma and grandpa; he thinks being with grandpa is very relaxing (he doesn't wiggle or fuss at all) and grandma is very, very exciting to be with, laugh at, and all around love. Jack also loves his aunts, but it's obvious that he is used to Julie, because he will crawl right up to her and even bite her forehead with his very own...

TEETH! We have a teething baby on our hands. On the drive down to Redlands, I was sitting in the backseat with him and when he put my finger in his mouth, something started hurting me! It was his bottom tooth, which was soon followed by his other bottom tooth. He didn't show any signs of teething, so we were shocked to see two teeth so soon. However, his top teeth have not been so kind to us; a runny nose, general irritability, and a splotchy face have been our constant companions for about a week now. I'm all at once saddened and proud that my little boy has so much drive that he feels all of his teeth are needed urgently. He loves eating rice cereal and applesauce, and when we get back to Provo we will start a barage of solid delights.

Jack has also discovered the joys of talking while we've been down in Redlands. He was a chatty guy in Utah, but once there were constantly a lot of people to talk to all at the same time Jack was the life of the party. He does "ba ba ba" and "ma ma ma" often, though I'm not sure he's formed any real words or connections yet; most of his sounds are at the front of his mouth (unlike his cousin Jett, who speaks from the back of the throat).

And before I forget, I wanted to mention that Caleb is very sweet and I miss him like whoa.

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  1. It is so fun to hear about Jack! You write the cutest blog Holly! -Brittany Roscheck