Sunday, July 15, 2012


On my playlist: The Sound of Music soundtrack that I got from my in-laws in February. So many of those songs are resonating with me recently!

On my plate: Whatever the heck I want. I have come to the (sad) conclusion recently that I don't care what I look like anymore and I am resigned to being the stereotypical frumpy stay-at-home mom. I don't have the mental energy I would need to give myself to make big changes in my health; I am spread too thin giving that mental energy to others.

On my reading list: I am currently reading "Furious Love," a non-fiction book about the love affair between Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. The passion and opulence that surrounded their relationship is fascinating to me!

On my TV: The kids and I have been watching Spiderman: The '67 Collection on Netflix Instant, but I have been wishing that I could watch So You Think You Can Dance every day and night. Such a great show!

On my wishlist: Wishing my sister Kellie a quick recovery; on her first day of her Utah vacation earlier this week, she broke her ankle in three places. Her friend Emily drove her back down to California, where Kell had a plate and seven screws put in during surgery. Whoa!

On my mind: My file folder of angsty teenage poetry that I found while I was in California; for some reason, I printed off each poem and tucked them away just in case I decided to delete them off my computer. The foresight I had back then was awesome, since I totally DID delete them and regretted it ever since. I am trying to decide how to share them with you—you will love/hate them all!

Thanks to Vanessa at Little Gray Pixel for the Snapshots idea.

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