Monday, July 23, 2012

Elements of Three-Year-Old Sleep

For someone who doesn't sleep much, Jacko has a ton of pictures of him sleeping. His parents must think he's cute or something.

From his first week alive, Jacko was a terrible sleeper. That may have been because his daddy insisted on putting huge jammies on him, but Caleb couldn't help that his favorites were sized at six months. Even in those oversized clothes, Jack acquiesced to our impassioned, new parent pleas...sometimes.

When we would travel, we depended on the kindness of others in terms of getting Jacko to sleep. During his first trip to California, we borrowed the fanciest bassinet in the whole world; even though Jacko is a tiny boy, this bassinet was a smidge too small for him. He slept in fits because his little legs couldn't straighten out.

Once Jacko got older, he began to get super fancy in his sleeping poses. This seemingly-staged, hands-behind-the-head sleeping is how one can find him during most nights. And yes, Jack has slept with a pillow for most of his life; he is all about luxury and I was (am?) an unfit parent.

The sleeping arrangement is always very simple: get as comfy as possible with as many "friends" as Mommy will allow. When he has trouble falling asleep (a.k.a. when he refuses to sleep on principle), the friends are eliminated one by one. They aren't shredded in front of his eyes or anything, but I do take them away for each messing-around infraction.

And Jacko's latest sleeping picture is from this weekend, when Caleb happened upon this Top Modelesque pose during Jacko's nap. All of the needed sleeping elements are there: pillow, stuffed animal, baggy clothes, poorly-sized bed, and an extremely glamorous pose.

Jacko doesn't like to sleep because he doesn't want to miss anything fun. Little does he know how much fun we have enjoying his oddball-style of sleep.

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