Sunday, June 10, 2012


Jacko and Lucy on their first Trax ride to downtown SLC
On my playlist: After giving away the Ryan Innes EP this weekend, I have had him on endless repeat.

On my plate: Steamed broccoli and a Prime Rib Dip from Red Robin. I need to start honoring my meal plan from my friend Cori again, since being sick totally threw me off.

On my reading list: I put Mindy Kaling's book "Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?" on hold at the library. I'm also a tad frustrated because there is a book that I keep telling myself that I need to get, but every time I am actually at a book vendor, I forget what the book is. Forgetfulness, anyone? ...Anyone? ...What?

On my TV: Caleb and I have been rewatching How I Met Your Mother, which is heavenly. We have also been watching Duets (ehhhh), Next Food Network Star, and So You Think You Can Dance.

On my wishlist: Giving everyone the contents of my etsy favorites list. I love shopping for things I know other people will love.

On my mind: My thoughts have been really introspective lately, as a few newsworthy things have happened in the realm of SSA-LDS. What do I believe? How will I conduct myself personally? Ultimately, how do I support people I love and still stay true to myself? It's all been an interesting mental ride; I have again affirmed my spiritual beliefs and reconciled many pertinent topics within that.

I also have been thinking about tiny kids dancing, as Caleb and I went to see the movie Battlefield America last night (think You Got Served, child-style).

Thanks to Vanessa at Little Gray Pixel for the Snapshots idea.

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