Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Pop Culture Love: Summer TV

Don't be mad.

I like you a bunch, but I like television just a wee bit better.

Summer is a dead period for TV, but there is always some programming that you can only find during the warmer months. These are guilty pleasure shows, more than anything. And I am totally okay with that.

So You Think You Can Dance (Fox, Wednesday 8/7c) is the pinnacle of summer television for me, because I think the act of dancing is so joyous and freeing—those are very June/July/August feelings. I myself don't dance, but I wish that I could. I definitely wouldn't enter a nationally televised competitive dancing competition, even if I could. My youngest sisters-in-law are dancers and aspire to try out for this show; I told them that if they make it, I will camp out at my parents' house in southern California for the length of their stay on the show.

A competitive reality show that I am more qualified for is Duets (ABC, Wednesday 8/7c). The singing competition pairs singing superstars like Kelly Clarkson and John Legend with aspiring singers, then pits them against each other by singing duets each week. The set-up of the show is screwy and the scoring is a joke, but I love seeing these people enjoy singing together. And even though I am generally not a country fan, Jennifer Nettles is blowing my mind twice a week.

Because we are apparently vacillating back and forth between things I am good at and things I am not, the show Food Network Star (Food Network, Sunday 9/8c) is not a Holly-made show. I dislike cooking and don't have any "Wow!" dishes in my repertoire. I do like watching other people cook, however, which is why I enjoy this show about aspiring TV chefs battling it out for a Food Network show. By watching, I have learned some awesome food buzzwords, like "chiffonade" and "damier."

And, my summer television favorite—Wipeout (ABC, Wednesdays 8/7c). I wish I had something profound to say about this show, but I can only humbly offer a collection of delightful clips from episodes past. Enjoy.

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