Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tomboy, Meet Girly Girl

You see this? This tableau represents Lucy's personality versus mine. Those race cars are me, and that floofy skirt is Lucy—I'm a tomboy and she is a girly girl.

Notice which one is dominating the other.

This is her hat tip to herself; she loves being pretty and charming. When she finally grows out her hair, I'm sure that she'll want it up in ponytails and fancy braids.

She agrees. No duh, Mom.

And luckily, I'm all about nurturing my children. If Lu wants to be the fanciest, frilliest, shiniest girl in the whole world, I will help her.

But know that Mama ain't raising no princess. Lucy will be the nicest and most conscientious girl in the whole world, because that's something else I'm all about. Being a good person, not being a brat.

I suppose that you can have both niceness and girliness. I hope so, for Lucy's sake.

Whoa, okay, fine. I guess you can.... Sorry, Lu.

(Lucy's been giving us "Thunder Eyes," a.k.a. squinty glares for awhile now. It's very intimidating.)

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