Friday, May 11, 2012

Q&A: How To Meet Boys

Today's question comes from a little dreamboat named McKenna:

Here is a real-life anecdote that will illustrate one way to do this.

In 2005, I took a Theatre Arts 101 class at Brigham Young University; due to it being a 101 class, there were eleventy billion students in my section. Though there were not assigned seats, the stadium seating setting of the theatre was not ideal for socializing.

There was a boy in the class who looked shockingly like an ex-boyfriend of mine. I stared at him for literally two weeks trying to convince myself that it was not my ex. Finally, I had to make a move. I was through with my mind playing tricks on me.

I culled all of my experience from middle school and wrote him a brief note, which went something like "You look like a guy I used to know. Your name isn't Steve, is it? Signed, the girl in the red sitting 15 rows behind you." I folded that sucker up, and used the manpower of the kids in front of me to send the message.

The 30 seconds it took to pass the message were excruciating—even if he were my ex's twin, he would think I was a freak for passing a note in a college course! Watching him open the note, read it, and look back was a little exhilarating though. It was definitely worth the off-chance he'd shoot me a mean glare.

Instead, he smiled and I waved; after class, we talked and sat next to each other each class period. I don't want to give away any I've Got Mad Love secrets, so suffice it to say that I got what I wanted out of that note.

So, McKenna, what can you do in this situation you're in?

  • Be vocal in your classroom setting, so he'll have to turn around and look at you while you make your brilliant point. Make eye contact with him like a baller.
  • Get to class early or stay late. Any chance to idly chat is worthwhile.
  • If a group project pops up: Don't think, just act. Tell him that he will be in your group. BOLDNESS!
  • Utilize your weirdness to your advantage. Is there something weird that you've noticed about him that you might have in common?
  • When it doubt, compliment compliment compliment. Make it be sincere, but still flatter the hell out of him.

Or you could always take my lead and pass him a note. But look who I'm talking to—this is the person who got approached by famous rapper B-Money! You've got this, McKenna.

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