Saturday, May 26, 2012

Bringing Out my Inner Drag Queen, Twinkles Dale

Hey, team.

For the second weekend in a row, I am sick.

I am trying not to let that get me down, but this morning, I found myself saying heatedly to Jacko, "I SAID I WOULD MAKE YOU TOAST. WHY ARE YOU CRYING??????" So I am not doing a terribly good job at keeping it together.

Instead, I am going to my inner happy place. It's a fabulous world with no whiny children, unlimited time to do my beauty regime, and an over-the-top wardrobe at my disposal. My happy place is also known as the world of drag.

In my idealized version of drag, there is no cattiness or hating. Only snaps of respect for a glamorous job well done will be accepted. There will be no sickness and no hoarse voices. I would be one of those RuPaul drag queens who does her own singing, none of that lip-sync stuff. And I already know who would be in my drag family, though I won't name names in case those people don't quite know yet for themselves.

After formulating that fabulous drag look you see above, I have returned to it several times in my dreams. I would be a great drag queen. I would be fierce and passionate and kind and talented.

I would be Twinkles Dale.

But for now, I'm just sicky sicko from sickville.

Any volunteers to join my drag family?

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