Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Houston is a Land of Dreams (and of Beyonce)

Our trip to Houston, TX last month was needed—you may recall that I was at my wits' end with the kids and things were feeling a little stale around our house.

I am pretty sure that all photographic evidence of this trip came from my family-in-law's cameras, which is why we are just now getting around to sharing the trip on the Internet.

Caleb's youngest sister Cymbre became Jacko's BFF; Jack told me yesterday, "Cymbre is my bestest buddy." But then again, he also told me yesterday that Percy the Tank Engine was his daddy. Can't trust a three-year-old, guys.

The photos below depict fun around the house, trips to the zoo and the aquarium, and more wild animals than the kids knew what to do with. I would caption them further, but the minutiae of the photos can be encapsulated in a few words: We had fun.

Lucy saw the camera, struck this pose, and said, "Cheeeeeeee."

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