Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Brain Washed: Every Flanagan is a Disney Kid

We are a Disney family. No shame.

Though I admire the pure will of the parents who don't want their children to latch onto branded characters, I find that my kids are easily comforted by seeing their Disney friends on billboards, in stores, and on their TV.

Most of the Disney obsession has trickled down from my Disneyland-adjacent childhood—growing up less than an hour away from the Magic Kingdom meant that I have been more there more than my fair share of times. I suppose that some of the Disney love has also come from Caleb, who has a Herculean grasp of all of the lyrics to many a Disney song. Our kids were destined to be fans.

I posted all of the pictures below to start a "Look at how cute these kids are" post, but I realized that each photo features a Disney friend prominently. Even randomly, we are an extension of the Disney family tree.

Perryyyyyy, Perry the Platypus! And cute Lucy.

Technically, Spiderman belongs to Disney. Thanks for selling out, Marvel!

Our new Ikea toy box usually looks like this—stuffed Disney friends with a Jacko on top.

Unless it's stuffed Disney friends and Jacko with a toy box on top.

Are you a Disney/Disneyland enthusiast, as well?
Is your place littered with Disney-themed paraphernalia too?

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