Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Adventuring Kid-Style: Crossing the Skywalk

A boy and a dream.

The main road by our house is called Bangerter Highway. It's an actual highway that spans several cities and possesses a 60 mph speed limit. Being a highway, pedestrians cannot cross it safely in the traditional sense.

Throughout the length of it, there are skywalks that go over Bangerter and hinder neither traffic nor pedestrians. The skywalks are covered in chain-link fences, so no one gets any funny ideas about jumping down into moving traffic; the fences make for a perfect canvas for messages made by sticking plastic cups through each link.

We pass one of these skywalks at least once a day. Seeing that fun bridge every time we get in the car has made Jacko a sad boy.

He dreamed of one day going on that bridge. One day.

Yesterday was that day.

After dinner, we made the trek to the skywalk and enjoyed the novelty of the experience. The kids enjoyed running up and down the concrete path, as well as watching the cars drive below them.

Jacko's dreams came true last night. And after the skywalk adventure, we headed out to get some ice cream.

Mad props to Caleb for the fun idea. It was a much-needed good night.

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