Friday, February 17, 2012

The Zombie Job Survival Pack with Pocky

Hello all you brilliant darlings!

I'm Pocky & I'm here to share with you a few secrets. Secrets of how I manage to survive the zombie job each & every week day...for now. See, my plan is to eventually get an Etsy shop up & running so that I can quit the zombie job to do what I was born to. I'm a creative...a craft addict...I was born to make things!

Some of you may think that I should just find a new job. That's all fine & dandy, but the job market here is beyond pathetic. It's a lot easier said than done, especially in an at-will employment state. I'm a cautious kind of gal & since I'm the one paying the bills while Mr. Wonderful furthers his education, I just want to tolerate a few more years of the zombie job instead of ending up on the unemployment line.

To make things more tolerable, I've come up with a few great tips to survive the zombie job. The great thing about these tips is that they don't just work for my zombie job, but they can work for any one trying to survive any frustrating moment. Without further ado...

Pocky's Survival Tips

Pack a survival kit. This can be anything that can help you get through the zombie day. Yummy treats. Your favorite tea. A book to read on breaks. Any current crafty project to work on during your lunch break.

Source: via Talia on Pinterest

Make playlists for your moods. I've got various playlists set up on Spotify for when I need a little boost to get to 5:00 pm. If the zombies are giving me a headache, then I listen to some nice relaxing music to calm down. Need a little boost of energy to make it through the afternoon? Then I play my list of music that gets me movin' & shakin' (in my chair...yep, chair dancing!). It's amazing what a little music can do to adjust your mood.

Use your breaks for YOU! Try to make the most of those 15 minute breaks & those 30-60 minute lunch breaks. If you just need to get away & breathe, then go somewhere you can close your eyes (bathroom? your car? behind the closed doors of your office?). Sometimes I have to use that lunch break to run errands or make personal phone calls, but you need to make sure to take a little time for yourself.

Turn the bad into motivation!There are going to be some bad days & possibly some worse days. Don't let those things get under your skin & bring down everything else. Use them as bits of motivation to do what it takes to get out of there. If you are dreaming of starting your own business, use the frustrations to drive you to finally work on that one step that you've been putting off.

Looking for a few more tips on surviving the zombie job? Kam came up with a few great ones that I may try to add to my list...if I can only quite slapping the snooze button!

 <3 Pocky


  1. Loved this! I worked on a ribbed scarf to get through a crazy semester in grad school and it totally helped my days of zombieness!

    Also- would it be possible to enable name/url on your account? My google account is weird.

    1. Hi Shannyn!

      I have enabled name/url, as well as anonymous comments on my blog—I thought I had before, but thanks for bringing it to my attention!!

  2. Holly: Thanks so much for having me on your blog!

    Shannyn: So glad you liked it! It's amazing what a little crafting can do. :)