Monday, February 20, 2012

The Hairstyle Saga with Cari

I feel supremely confident making the assertion that I have more hair than anyone you know. No hair stylist that I have ever met has failed to make this observation. When I was in middle school, my friends named my hair IT. After my first year of girl's camp, I heard many stories of people identifying my church group by saying, "Oh, you're in the ward with the girl with the afro."

My first hair straightener changed my life far more than it should have. I mean, it was just a hair straightener, but to 14-year-old me it meant some modicum of confidence. Enough confidence, at least, to face high school on a daily basis.

Because of my unruly hair, I have always had strict loyalty to my hair stylists. This was especially true of the marvelous lady who somehow managed to finagle this IT

into this one.

That lovely lady's name is Brittany. After she gave me what was undisputedly the coolest hair cut of my life, I let no one else touch my hair for almost two years. Then Brittany went on maternity leave and I started growing out my hair.

Y'all, never grow out your hair. It is a horrible journey fraught with mullets and faux payot.

Then, finally, I heard she was back at the salon! Happy day! I could get control of my hair back!

I made an appointment, drove 45 minutes to the salon, and was told that Brittany wasn't even scheduled to work that day. Did I want to reschedule and come back or take an open stylist? Dearest Holly's readers, I really did think about this, but I work over 60 hours a week and I make enough trips to Provo/Orem as it is. I just had to see an open stylist.

The new stylist's name is David, and yea, on that day, David did perform a small miracle. Yea, he did trim IT in such a way that was pleasing, and I saw it and said that it was good. For behold, IT was controlled and also David did create a haircut that was fun and flirty, even in this period of growing-it-out, and I was sore amazed.

So when David said he had a vision and I should come back for highlights, you know I did. The only problem?

Brittany was there that day.

"Hi," she said, looking from me to David and back again. "I thought I heard your voice."

"Uhhhhhhhhhhhhm, hi," I said. Awkward silence. "Isawpicturesofyourbabytheywerereallycute."

"Thanks," she said. "How's (our mutual friend)?"

"Good. Good good good." Awkward silence. "You were gone on maternity leave for a really long time," I said, letting her down easy.

"What are you doing today with your hair?" she countered.

"Growing it out." I'm leaving you and your haircut. "And highlights."

"Oh how fun. I hope it turns out for you."

Then David asked me what color highlights we should do. Should they be blonde, copper, red, or red-violet? I felt reckless, and assuming that there weren't going to be many highlights and that the red-violet color would be pretty dark, I went the way of the bold.

The result?

Afterward, Brittany walked by. She said, "You're always doing such bold things." Score one for the hair stylist loyalty gods.

The thing is that after sleeping on it I kind of love the color, at least for the next few weeks. 
So, what would you do, guys? 
Go back to your old stylist, tail between your legs, or keep sneaking around? 
Or abandon the salon altogether and take up with some floozy in Salt Lake?


  1. I love avoiding awkward situations so find a new one unless you love driving!

  2. I'm going to get my eyebrows done this week at the salon - if I run into Brittany I will defend your honor! ;)

  3. Wait, I'm a little confused. Do you not like the new color and cut? I LOVE it!! Maybe it's the picture, but red really brings out the beautiful color in your eyes and the cut is sassy and fun. Different for you, but I really like it. Still, if you don't like it, go back to your stylist.

  4. This story is pure scandal. I love it. I love that she caught you cheating on her in such a BIG way. I'm gonna pose a question that many of our generation have asked: can't you just have them both?

  5. oh man....i would kind of like to have a contest as to who has more hair. i got called IT as well, and hairstylists also never fail to mention how much hair i have. AND the straightener changed my life too, only i didn't discover them until i was 16.

    and ahhhhhh! growing out hair is the absolute worst!

    hah. i don't know what i would do. probably keep sneaking around. :)