Friday, January 20, 2012

Some of My Days Lately...Nieces Edition

Welcome to my business. Like, my biz-nass. As in get your nose out of my biz-nass.

I have no qualms revealing the darker parts of my personality/life/relationships. You probably won't get every part of every story, but overall you can feel confident that I am being transparent with you.

But sometimes I get mixed up in things that involve other people's business. And other people's business isn't really something I feel comfortable sharing here on the blog.

So all of you who have shared your secrets with me, don't expect to see them published any time soon.

A current example of my biz-nass mixing with someone else's is that I am spending more time with my two nieces now. All details aside, my two-year-old niece Eden and my one-year-old niece Britain get to come to my house and play.

Most of the day is spent with some TV on, while we color, play with the pretend kitchen, and hide in the igloo tent. All four kids have been dealing with influenza recently, so tiredness has abounded.

Eden, Britain, and I don't always get along. I am a bit more high energy than their parents, so often they don't know what to make of me. The same can be said for their reactions to my kids—both girls have needed some alone time, if only to calm down from the Go-go-go mode Jacko is constantly in.

But Jacko and Eden have had a love thing since she was born. They'll get into a groove of being together all day.

And I'll keep taking blurry photos of them with my iPod Touch.

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