Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Confession of Jealousy for the New Year

Kam of Campfire Chic has generously given me a ton of good advice in the recent months, usually through Twitter. If I put out a tweet like this:

Kam usually throws me a bone, because she's cool like that. For this particular tweet, she sent me a few direct messages full of inspiration. One of the truncated messages she sent is getting posted on my corkboard this year:

I am a stereotypical girl, and I secretly want people to be jealous of me. I combat this desire by being hysterically concerned with serving people and downplaying my own success, but it's still true that I am aspiring to the upper echelon. This advice plays right into my secret vice.

Kam, on the other hand, seems to be level-headed and encouraging to all. She does not seem to be a stereotypical girl in that sense. She is a nice friend to be okay with me wanting to cause other people to seethe with jealousy.

I am going to use a lot of different motivations to achieve my goals this year. But when the going gets incredibly rough, I am going to use those wise words to appeal to my basest traits. And it will probably work!

I hope everyone had a great celebration last night.
And Happy New Year to you all!


  1. haha! Awesome! Smart girl, that kam :)

  2. I have been jealous of Holly since she posted a DIY idea of a chalkboard word blurb. That was years ago. This year for Christmas I finally made them. Thanks Holly, you're an inspiration-and I am totally jealous of you.

  3. I'm also guilty of unfollowing someone out of jealousy. Not really a proud moment lol. Kam's advice is brilliant, and there's no doubt in my mind that you can't make that happen :D