Sunday, December 4, 2011

Pop Culture Love: Karmin

You know that feeling that everything's already been done? I get that a lot.

Almost every idea I have for a blog post, a web site, a writing dream, or a million dollar business, I search intensely for similar things that already exist. I have let things pass me by because there are a few people out there who were faster than me.

But I love a good music cover. LOVE! So many talented people take something that has already been done and they give it their own twist, upload it on the internet, and hopefully become well-known.

A duo who used that formula and gained major success is Karmin. You may have seen them on the Ellen show, performing the song "Look At Me Now," which gained them notoriety thanks to the fast rapping ways of Amy. I prefer the original video, so here it is for you to enjoy.

A white girl with her own retro style, rapping? Yes!

A couple who enjoy singing together? Okay!

And a low-fi video that's more concerned with the music than the visuals? A+!

All of Karmin's covers are fantastic, especially the ones with straight up singing (check out Skyscraper, Forget You, and Someone Like You). But, you guys? Let's get the Minajesty in here. Super Bass!

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  1. I was super impressed when she whipped out those Busta raps with ease!