Friday, October 7, 2011

Finish Line Friday: High School Patches

Three academic letters (with the fourth missing), a theatre troupe letter, an Honor Thespian patch, and a Chamber Singers letter.
When I ponder what kind of tattoo I would get, I ask myself the question: What will I love for the rest of my life? And even before my kids or my husband came to mind, I thought, "Gold medals and trophies."

I like to win. I like a pat on the back for a job well done. And I really like tangible evidence that I am the A-1 best.

There is videographic evidence of this from when I was an early elementary school student. I was "racing myself" on a tricycle in our backyard, and I announced to the camera that I had won! After my stunning victory, I indicated behind me to a blank spot of concrete on the patio: "Look at all my gold medals and trophies."

Fortunately for me, I have been able to fill the void throughout my life. Hard work and dedication have paid off in a treasure trove of stone-cold evidence that I rock.

And thanks to Amy's ebook about journaling the memories of your stuff called Tell Its Story, you're going to hear all about it.

Welcome to Finish Line Friday.

1 comment:

  1. I have read lots of theories about kids competing and how we should teach our children to value themselves outside of these "meaningless" parameters the world/school system/life sets up.

    But let me tell you...I have the hugest box of trophies and medals stored in my in-laws garage, and I adore them all.

    I'm so embarrassed!!