Friday, August 19, 2011

Ikea Lusts

I have committed the cardinal sin: I moved right next door to an Ikea. An addendum to that is that I also do not have all of the money in the world to spend at Ikea. This additional fact makes it quite hard when we visit this Swedish wonderland and there are signs everywhere that say "Last Chance Item!" Like, this Sjovik buffet that is in every room set-up right now. There were yellow signs everywhere reminding me that even though the price was slashed, I couldn't afford it. I could, however, fit into it because it's huge and wonderful. I would link to it on the Ikea website, but this buffet is not on it anymore. Sigh.

But then I look at things I can afford, and I feel a lot better. I adore this circus tent. We have a children's tent for each child's bedroom, though. So even though we could afford it, the Flanagan family is not in the market for tents. Flergh.

We are in the market for disaster preparedness, though. Our church has instructed that we have a supply of food and other items available in case of emergency. And even though I always think about it, we haven't really gotten things together yet. This Ikea flashlight is in our price range, would be valuable in an emergency, and it's red! You guys, RED!

I'm not too into tchotchkes or doodads around the house, but look at this sand. Look at these rocks! Look at my gaping mouth and wide eyes, in love with them and wanting to fork over all of my belongings to get huge amounts of them to put in my apartment. Which would be empty. Except for the sand and rocks. Not my smartest imaginary move.

And I know it's overdone. I know Baroque frames would look silly amongst all of our modern, sleek-lined decor. I also know that I wantWANTwant this mirror.

Are you an Ikea fan or do you live close to your favorite store?


  1. I. LOVE. everything about IKEA. including the food.

  2. I could wander Ikea for hours! I love my Billy bookcases (and dream of replacing all the crappy non-Billys someday). After regretting several poorly made yet expensive furniture purchases after we got married, we decided to mostly stick with Ikea stuff. Haven't been unhappy with it yet!

  3. You actually DO need the mirror. A little bit of baroque would adds great depth to a modern streamlined room. Eclectic never hurt anyone. I'm in love with that very same mirror.

  4. Oh Holly, I too am dangerously in love with all things IKEA. If I could get away with it, I'd live in the store. And I also support your love of the Baroque mirror. I say, go for it. Sometimes, ya need a little bit of fancy mixed with your modern stuff.

  5. i live 5 minutes from one. I am there A LOT. hahaha
    I have been an IKEA fan since they first came to the states. I mix it up and blend it with vintage pieces & my home doesn't look like an IKEA showroom. haha

  6. I'm afraid that if I lived that close to an IKEA, I'd be homeless... but I would have the BEST furniture. Seriously, I'll be daydreaming about that Sjovik buffet for DAYS!