Friday, August 5, 2011

Giveaway: Felt Skull & Crossbones Pillow from Punk Rawk Purl

 Edited: This giveaway will be open until 11:59 pm on August 12th.

Hello, all!

Let me explain where I've been, starting with a story.

I don't curse much. I was raised in a home where "crap" was the apex of strong wordery and as I have gotten older, I decided cursing encourages my natural tendency to be rageful. I still speak a little more crudely than my mother would prefer (I try to say "That stinks" instead of "That sucks" when I talk to you, Mommy!), but I have been grateful that my lingo hasn't really had to change as Jack has begun to parrot what Caleb and I say.

I tell you that, so I could tell you this:

The move from Provo, UT to Riverton, UT last weekend was THE MOVE FROM HELL. HELLLLLLLLLL.

The moving truck was not available to pick up until 6 pm. All of our stuff was not transferred to the new place until after midnight, but the gentlemen who helped move everything were basically exalted to Dreamboat status in my mind. The air conditioning did not work for the first five days, even after we had the maintenance guy come at least six times to tell me that it was MY fault. We did not have hot water for the first four days. No internet until yesterday, still no TV for the children, and no money after having to eat out every night for almost a week. I felt so badly for Jack and Lucy, who were super pros during all of the change and confusion.

All is well now, and to celebrate that, I want to give away the only thing we have bought (so far) specifically for this new place.

You might recognize the blue pillow as the one I bought awhile ago from Tammy at Punk Rawk Purl. I have dreamed about it a couple of times since I have received it, I love it so much. There have been some considerations about marrying it, but I can't convince myself to divorce Caleb after celebrating our five-year anniversary yesterday.

This adorable pillow mixes Butter Yellow, Tangerine Orange, and Bubblegum Pink--hellooooo, so unconventional and cute! The pillow is 9x12" and lickably delicious.

To enter this giveaway, leave me a comment with a link to one of your favorite blog posts from your own blog. If you don't have a blog, add a link to one of your favorite blogs that you follow. I am always looking for new blogs and can't stop adding them to my Google Reader. I can't even bring myself to tell you how many blog posts piled up on my reader while we didn't have internet.

I have missed you like whoa, blog friends.


  1. Well, at least you've only had one move from hell....Dad and I have had several. You ought to try moving over the ocean with three little kids and your husband is already gone. A real disaster in my book.

  2. I know this isn't my blog, but I figure I have a right to post it as my favorite blog jokes. I am Mommy's blog master, and sometimes I'd slip a little somethin' somethin' extra into the routine. I hope Mom thought it was funny, because I think it's hilarious!

  3. So much to say! First, sorry the move was so terrible - dang! I couldn't live more than 10 minutes without everything you've gone without for days! Props to you. Second - happy anniversary! Third - you rock :)

  4. Oh, pretty please, I neeeeeed that pillow. I don't have a favorite post, so here's my most recent one:

  5. Oh Holly, I'm sorry your move was so awful. I will come and see you someday when I'm done moving. Ugh.

    Also, as Shelby would say, my blog posts are like my childrens. My 500+ childrens. But I'll link this one:

  6. Holly!!! I just started my own blog a few weeks ago! I'm feeling a bit self-conscious still about it so I haven't told anyone >_< I would be honored if you can check it out and give me any suggestions! So far, this is my favorite post on my blog:

  7. Oh that's icky, hopefully you got all the yuckiness out of the way and it's onto smooth sailing from here.

    My favourite blog post is fairly recent, I was feeling kind of down about not getting things accomplished and I reflected on just how much I have done in the past year and felt a bit better. The post must have struck a chord with other people because it also got a ton of comments and I'm really thankful for all the kind words and for making some other people re-think the ways they're 'failing' and turn it into succeeding :)


    My post about the my 25 things list based off of yours

    and this one just happened My friend adopted a baby just this past weekend.



  10. We're getting ready to move in the middle of September. Looking forward to the new place, but not the move itself.

    Trying to decide which of my own blog posts was my favorite. I went with the one I dedicated to my Grandpa - since it was his recipe and all..