Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Blonde Makes Me Feel Like a Natural Woman

At a church dance, when I was 14, my one-year-older (boy) cousin told me I was fickle. I countered with the justification that I was extremely passionate about the things I liked, but those things changed sometimes.

I believe that he was referencing how I had crushes on many, many of his friends without choosing just one over which to fawn. But he was partially right--I am a wee bit fickle. I was partially right, also; I am a passionate girl.

Behold, me and my sister-in-law Shyla as brunettes. One of us is a fake brunette in this photo. But now... (imagine the space between the photos as a visual drum roll)

Homegirl went back to blonde. Blondish. I got tired of dyeing roots and feeling like a ghost every time I didn't put on mascara. Keeping it real over here at Chez Flanagan!

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