Monday, June 13, 2011

Love Me Tender Monday: Elvis Lunchbox

It has not been stated here enough: I have an abiding crush on Elvis Presley.

Because of that crush, I have a ton of Elvis memorabilia. I believe that I have mentioned it in passing before, but Amy's Tell Its Story ebook has inspired me to actually document it in words and photos. First up is my Elvis Presley lunchbox. I have never used it for anything but decor; I adore the way it is television-y and tin and svelte Elvis. I received this from my grandma, who also loves Elvis.

Anecdote: The day Elvis Presley died, my almost 13-year-old mother called her mom to let her know the news. Her mom was at work, and chided my mother for playing such an evil trick. The scolding she got was akin to one that someone would receive for robbing the federal treasury or kidnapping several children from a playground.

And with that, here is the glorious lunchbox.

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