Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Threeway Hot Date

Jack asked Caleb on Friday morning if he could go on a hot date while Daddy was at work; Caleb acquiesced and said that we could have pizza for lunch. I decided to turn that pizza date into an entire morning's worth of fun. The whole week has been rainy and blah, and the second I hit "publish" on my last post, the kids were little terrors -- I felt like I owed them a nice day.

Thanks to an episode of the TV show "Caillou," Jack has grown to love museums. Any kind, any theme, anywhere. We are lucky to live close to many museums, but I decided to take the children to a museum of ancient life (aka dinosaur museum). I packed up the kids and braved the rain & hail.

Jack was thrilled to have several school groups in the museum; he loves kids and isn't afraid to go up and say, "Hey, kid!" I don't know what to tell him to say instead, but most kids think it's alright. He loved the dinosaur bones and made me tell him all of the names.

What he did not like was posing for pictures. In order to get him to have a passable smile in each photo, I have to tell him to "do a laugh." Otherwise, we get one of these:
That's him saying, "Cheese."

Lucy also had a good time. She finds Jack to be incredibly entertaining, which makes my job a lot easier. This was her first excursion sitting up in the stroller, and I think we'll continue doing it. She was also rocking a turtleneck this particular day, which made me insanely jealous. I will never be able to wear a turtleneck!!!

Eventually, we did go and get pizza. But not before Jack explained how to breathe underwater and filled me in on the entire plot of Thomas the Tank Engine's "Misty Island Rescue." I felt a lot better about being a fun mom and the kids were happy to be out of the house. The lesson here? Dinos + Pizza = Love.

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