Monday, May 16, 2011

Loves Me Knot Frames That I Actually Do Love

I am blessed to not have terrible luck. I would say that my luck rating is easily a 75%, if not higher. Because my luck quotient is high, I was the winner of a giveaway on Pamplemousse1983 a few weeks ago. I won three fabulous frames from Loves Me Knot that I plan on hanging in the kids' room.

Last week, I was laying in my bed with little Lucy while Jacko took a nap in his room. Midday naps are completely the best, but especially when you can use your kids as an excuse to take one. Anyway, there was a rather manly, brusque knock at the door that I promptly ignored. I was too snuggly! After the kids decided it was time to wake up, I checked outside the door and was greeted by a HUGE FedEx box. I believed it to be a birthday present that had been sent for Caleb; I brought the box inside and didn't even look at the label. The typical post-nap toy playing ensued.

The curiosity killed this particular cat and I had to know who the box was from. Imagine my shock when I read my name on the address label! The box was immediately opened to reveal a rather mysterious inside.

After taking out all of the padding, I was thrilled to discover these three beautiful frames. Check out the fantastic fabrics in the middle; I was worried that I don't really have three 8x10 pictures to frame, so for now I'm going to leave these fabrics in until I find some etsy art that I can't live without.

Thanks to the Doleceks and Maryam for making this handmade lover uber happy!