Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hard Rock Arts

Today I have been jonesing for some warm, homemade craftiness. I want a whole day to muck up some fabric projects, miscut some paper projects, and poke myself with some embroidery needles. Instead, I've shot a bit lower and done some quick art that is friendly to nap time restraints.

Thanks to the next edition of Pamplemousse1983's Teeny Tutorial, I worked with some black crayon and watercolors to make this demon lima bean. The technique was to make random swirly lines and paint the sections with different colors, and I tried to be random with my crayon. But guys, is this not a demon lima bean? Maybe a romantic lima bean instead?

My aunt put together this Easter brownies jar, which has caused a lot of angst in my house. It's too cute to make! We are inundated with Easter candy! Wow, I want to eat that all right now! Really, the main cause of the angst is:

I love to bite the ears off these marshmallowy bunnies, as my sister Shelley is portraying with her cute fingers. They are supposed to be put inside the brownies, but they are just so delectable by themselves. Curse you, marshmallow Peeps!

And speaking of Shelley and fingers, she bought me black shatter nail polish! I am mashing the edginess with springtime colors (pastel yellow, robin's egg blue, and soft pink). Love!


  1. I would agree with demon lima bean. Or maybe Invader Zim lima bean.

  2. you are super hard-core with your fancy nails.

  3. new follower! i saw your guest post on pamplemousse. i love this little easter brownie jar!

    stop by and say hello if you'd like. :)