Monday, March 7, 2011

Full of Randoms

Thanks to my heroic efforts of attending "I Am Number Four" on Wednesday, my husband rewarded me with a movie theater trip to see "The King's Speech." While I have always been a Colin Firth fan ("Pride and Prejudice" came out when I was ten!), I can honestly say that he has done some work that I don't care for too much. "Bridget Jones' Diary" and its sequel were teeth-grinding for this Zellweger detractor, and his work in "The Accidental Husband" did not help it at the box office.

But, "The King's Speech." His academy award is well-deserved, for his explosively passionate portrayal of a desperate and patriotic Englishman knocked me back on my heels more than once during the movie. The scene where he first enters Lionel Logue's office is so awkward and beautiful, that it's amazing Firth is the same man who brought the socially-apathetic Mr. Darcy to life. His supporting cast, of course, also gave command performances that I am glad I didn't miss; Geoffrey Rush and Helena Bonham Carter took characters that could have become cartoony (a capital A "Actor" and a doting royal wife) and gave them both the treatment of a loving tribute to the real life people upon which the characters are based.

Needless to say, I loved the movie and am hoping to add it to my movie collection someday.

And for a wonderful critique of the movie, check out Mark Blankenship's article on The Critical Condition.


Lucy is a little over two months old, but I'll admit that there are days that it feels like she has been around forever! Miss Lucy has been a pro sleeper these last few days; she wakes up twice a night and is a little lady through both feedings. She has recently started to smile at Jack, Caleb, and me -- she doesn't even mind that Jack almost crushes her with his hugs and pulls out her arm from the socket when he helps her wave! I am constantly amazed that she is as amiable as she is, considering all of my newborn memories are colored with hellfire and brimstone. But, not everything is all peachy, all the time. Girlfriend can fart up a storm! She also had impetigo on both of her ears, which we cleared up with baby antibiotics and some strong scrubbing. We got ourselves a cool girl, though. Real cool.


I am beginning to become really excited for our trip to Redlands in June for Kellie's graduation from high school. By then, it will be over a year since Jack and I have been in my hometown, a year and half since Caleb has been there, and Lucy will be experiencing California for the first time! When Jack was a baby, he was a road warrior, making four long car trips in his first year. I'm hoping that Lucy has also inherited the road tripping genes; Jack will really enjoy having a backseat buddy, so I think he'll be thrilled to keep her (and himself!) occupied.

But, more than for the kids' experience, I am stoked for my own! After reading this road trip post on Campfire Chic's blog, I am ready to enjoy the journey down Interstate 15. I have made that trip more times than I can count, up from California and down from Utah. A majority of the views consist of joshua trees, distant hills, and sand; Vegas is a bright point, as well as the McDonald's made out of train cars in Barstow. This time, I am hoping to see everything with new eyes. Luckily for me, that is easy when you have a two-year-old son around -- everything needs to be named and explained. And of course, being with my family in the house I grew up in is a big treat. June can't come soon enough!

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