Sunday, January 2, 2011

Shameless Plug

Baby Lucy has made her way into our lives. If you were going by this photo alone, you might assume she's aggressive, given that she's folding her arms in a Tough Guy sort of way. (She's the one on the far right, by the way)

But, if one were to get to know Lucy a little better, the aggressive facade would be revealed as simply a stoic way of letting the world know that she's pretty awesome. In no particular order, here are some reasons why she's a keeper:

  • She does not cry. Granted, the first few days of her life were filled with trying to get my Prozac out of her system, but even after that she has retained her calm demeanor. The one thing that sends her into a frenzy is a cold diaper wipe -- and who can blame her?
  • She is built tough. Jack is a very loving brother, to the point of bone-crushing cuddling. But because Lucy was 8 lbs. 2 oz. and is a hearty eater, she can withstand the adoration.
  • She's a people person. She has not minded being held by whomever she meets; and since the weather outside is frightful, most people who have held her have cold hands. Not only does she not balk at the coldness, she does whichever person it is a solid and warms up their hands, free of charge.
  • She wears girl clothes! I'm still not the baby clothes-horse that Caleb is (he has chosen her outfits more times than not since she's been around!), but I do enjoy getting to own rainbow socks and eyelet onesies.
  • She lays next to me when we are sleeping. My favorite thing about baby Jack was that we could lay down anywhere and fall asleep together. Now that Jack is older, he still likes to sleep next to me, but won't let me cuddle him. Lucy doesn't have a choice, and it's awesome!


But the real fact of the matter is that I'm already feeling 100 times better about Lucy as a newborn than I did about Jack. Jack was not at fault and would have been a great baby for a less-crazy mommy. But, Lucy's mommy is now living in her own house that isn't a basement, enjoying the benefits of anti-depressants, eating healthier, and has a modicum of an idea of what baby-raising is all about. She is the benefactor of all of the hard knocks that Jack had to endure. And for that, Jack should be her hero.

Also, on a semi-unrelated note, I feel like I'm looking dang good for being only a week out of pregnancy!


One goal for 2011 -- get to Disneyland and ride my favorite rides, including this one.


    1. You really do look great Holly! And I volunteer to go on Space Mountain with you when you do go, It's been forever since I've been on it!

    2. You look like there was never a baby in you! I love hearing about little Lucy. I can't wait to come visit you! And I can't wait for you to show me the mommy ropes someday! You are PRO. LOVES!

    3. Congrats Holly! You are an AMAZING woman!

    4. I love little Lucy and Jack! And you do look dang good! I will need you to share your two child wisdom with me in a few months!