Sunday, August 16, 2009

Keeping It Real at the Hogle Zoo

I've been trying to create experiences for Jack to look back on, though I know that anything we do now won't be in his accessible memory banks. That's what photos were invented for. Don't end a sentence with a preposition - at.

In this mad dash for memory making, we visited the Hogle Zoo last month. The weather was perfect, the crowd sufficiently small, and the animals just enough in view. Jack was in love with the monkeys and would have watched them move around their cages all day if we'd let him. Unfortunately, the zoo eventually closed and eventually we had to make our way back to our animal-less apartment.

But, the pictures! The memories!

Or something.


And after those beautiful skies and that wonderful day, we were certain that this was the best summer yet. All the thanks goes to Jack.

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  1. my favorite memory is the one of the wheel falling off the stroller again.